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I get asked a lot about what it is I actually do. To be honest I can't really say. The way I run sessions is intuitively tailored to each individual, this means I don't really know how we will work together as I usually just wait and see what wants to come up after talking to you. I work through a heavy relation to the scientific and the spiritual, weaving my way between both to help you connect in with yourself. Because of this, I believe that there are three main lenses through which to look at being a human; the mind, the body and the soul. Each aspect has it's own teachings and it's own perspective, but each is just as important as the other and all must be looked at to gain a complete and holistic view of what it means to be human, specifically the human that you are. 

The mind ~ this is where we live 90% of the time. It is the matrix that is the brain, it is our thinking, our intellectualising, rationalising and anaylsing. It is the way we think and the way we put the pieces together. It is also, generally, massively over-worked in our modern society and has led to an influx of mental health issues within our population. The mind is where depression and anxiety can start to seep in and start to take hold, and from there our mind learn hows to control us, but we can control our mind. 

The body ~ the body is our feeeeeling. It is our emotional and our physical body, it is where we experience sensations and feelings and emotions. It is where we feel the tickle on our leg when someone touches us, but also the butterflies in our chest when a cute boy smiles at us. It is in our breathing, it is our connection to our body and to how well we understand our own physicality as well as our own emotions. 

The soul ~ the soul is the heart of it all. The soul is the thing that makes you, you, it is your essence. It is the reason why you like what you like, it is the things that make you light up when you talk. It is your own personal connection to yourself, your pursuit of happiness. It is the complete and total understanding of yourself, of your joy, your bliss, your boundaries, your traumas, your history, your future, your conscious and unconscious self all rolled into one. 


Sexuality is a huge aspect of self and is the field that I work in, it incorporates ideas of self, sexuality, self-love, breakups, marriage, divorced parents, communication, parent-relationships, friend-relationships, relationships with self. We often get taught nothing about how to handle emotions, develop healthy relationships, or communicate effectively, let alone how to then raise kids or build a marriage, yet so much of our life focuses on relationships, friendships and engaging with other people (and ourselves). We live in a world that heavily relies on the brain, on fast-paced, anxiety inducing structures. These sessions run as an antidote, as a way to pause and let your body's innate intelligence take over, to listen to your instincts and to your gut and to allow your body to feel and move through emotions that may have been suppressed for years. If you are feeling the pull to work with me please get in touch and let's have a discussion about what you're looking for.

60 min 1:1 holistic session | $75

Sex therapy | through AISSM

Blog posts & insta content | free 

Group workshops & online courses | coming soon


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, or with any ideas/emotions/struggles you may want to work through with me and I can offer some rough guidance or work that I think may benefit. All my offerings run on a sliding scale basis, I know that everyone goes through shit so please get in contact with me for discounts or special offers. You can contact me via email or Instagram if you would like to discuss working with me, or if you have any questions :) 

Areas I specialise in:

  • female sexual liberation & empowerment 

  • self-love and personal development

  • pleasure and desire 

  • vagina/penis owner sexual difficulties ( eg. vaginismus, and erectile dysfunction)

  • queer, LGBTQI+ issues

  • relationship issues and break ups

  • BDSM and kink exploration 

  • family dynamics 

  • inner child connection 

  • past traumatic sexual experience

  • unplanned pregnancies and sexual health issues (STI's, condoms, contraceptives etc.)

  • mental and emotional well-being

  • pleasure and sensuality 

  • single life 

  • sexual identity and sexuality 

  • confidence and self-esteem 

  • embodiment and tantric practices 

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