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A 1:1 session with me looks different every time. Sessions are designed for anyone looking to connect a little bit deeper to themselves. I work from an integrative approach, heavily influenced by queer and feminist theory, as well as having a person-centred framework. 1:1 sessions are designed to be a space to give you full permission to express what may have been suppressed, with the full support from myself as well as my undivided attention and advice based on what we uncover in the space. I construct sessions in a way that begins as a counselling session, a debrief on why you are here and what you are looking for. The session then develops into more spiritual practices such as meditation and emotion-release techniques, to allow for a deeper understanding, a stronger connection to your body and a integrated experience that doesn't just skim the surface. 


Rather than looking at just the psychological underpinnings of counselling, it is an overall deep dive into the mind, body and soul that makes up you as a little human bean on this planet of 7 billion beans. It may be your first experience with anything spiritual, it might not, you might be familiar with counselling and therapy, you might not. But in might experience, the world we live in and the society we have created disconnects us from our being, it perpetrates the mind and its over-activity, and suppresses the emotion, suppresses joy, sadness, bliss, euphoria - the feeling. I want to create a space where you can feel, where you can learn how to be you again, and learn how to love that person. Where you can learn all the tools, tips and tricks that I have gained over the years that have helped me learn how to function. How to cultivate safety in yourself, how to see your worth, how to call our bullshit, how to understand and implement boundaries, how to navigate family dynamics and how to do it all with a whole heap of sass and silly. It is more than just sexuality, but it is the essence of exploring sexuality that allows for all of this, this integration of ourselves and of our deepest desires.


I offer my sessions both online and in-person (based in Perth, WA, in-person for a select amount of people). If this sounds like something you'd be interested in please shoot me an email at or message me on instagram. If you are looking for something more scientific-based, you can get in touch through AISSM directly. 

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