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Hiya  hun, how you doing?

My name is Chelsea Liley (pronounced not like the flower lily) and this is my blog.
My online diary, my fairytale, the stories of my open world gameplay that is reality ~ with an emphasis on all things love, sex, magic, and human emotions & experiences.
Welcome to Cliterally. It's a wild ride.


I speak, and I write so much, and yet I always get so stumped trying to find the words for this page, this ethereal and enchanting entity that she is. This online fairytale kind of diary, of scandalous tales and erotic education. A documentary into understanding life, my life, and all that comes with it. A psychoanalytic insight into life as a sexologist, as a pursuer and educator of pleasure, and as a bit of a hedonist (in all things pleasurable, not just the sexual). 

I could go into more detail, and weave together words and wonders, piecing together different describing words with the aim to elicit an emotional response within you. Or I could keep it real short, and sweet, and sassy. Keep it funny. A little bit chaotic, and a little bit ✨spicey✨. 

Or keep it lengthy and long, really prolonged and heavy on the tongue like honey, and maybe just a little bit melancholic... but in a good way? It's that energy within words that I hope to convey here. A story-teller at heart, of words and wonders of this human experience. A space where I can speak them. For no other reason than that words hold magic. As they have for centuries before. They are the magic of this human mind.

And Cliterally is a walk inside my mind, a glimpse into the lens of magic with which I see the world. An online fairytale diary. But still... she is not your usual, everyday fairytale of happily ever afters and pretty pink princesses. (though she is that too). but this is the tale of pixies and beasties, of the mischievous and sometimes devious. The changling child, the stories of human experience, of realms hidden within the trees, and between bedsheets. It is the realm of the faerie folk, and of goblins and ghouls ~ and it is the fact that humans are themselves both. The tatted up bad bitch in the ripped jeans and the combat boots with the no f*cks attitude, and the dainty and delicate little lady dressed in lace with an innocent sparkle in her eye. It is of every little feeling this human experience allows, the shadow and the light, the death and darkness and despair, but also the pleasure, bliss, and ecstasy. Where chaos reigns, and technicolour dreams sing true. 

And I could tell you all about sex in particular, the way sex and sexuality has been revered throughout centuries, art and music and poetry have tried to encapsulate it, the magic within it. Humans have longed to create art, to connect to divinity, to the goddesses and gods they have worshipped and adorned. Across years and across countries, throughout history. The Greeks, and the Romans, and all kinds of mythology, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, from biblical times and before time. From Aphrodite, and Dionysus, deities and witchery. Masculine, feminine, everything in between. It's a lot. 

It's seeing the magic in this world. The magic in human history. It is seeing it within us. Magic is just things that we cannot understand, and though I am fairly educated, and I understand a lot; there are still some things I simply cannot understand, and will never be able to understand, and that in itself lets me enjoy the magic. And Cliterally is that magic, stories of this world, from my world, shared simply to be out there. Neither here nor there. Simply is. Much like this world. Much like our human-ness, it simply is. The soft animal of your body, and the wild cognition of your mind. Here, simply to be explored. 

I think, therefore I am.
And this is me, and all of my thinking.
Chelsea Liley. Author of this here diary-of-sorts. My own little fairy tale world. 


About the author:

Chelsea Liley is a certified sexologist living in Boorloo, also known as Perth, Western Australia, and pays respects to the elders, past and present, and give thanks to them and to this country for allowing her on this land, and for the opportunity for these stories to be told.

She is a human first and foremost, and works as a certified sexologist, pleasure pursuer and educator, while also being a horse girl, a tantrica, a writer (of some sort), and a sass and self love specialist. She is kink and queer friendly, identifying as bi/pan/poly herself, and practices trauma-informed and patient-centered care. She has hopes of being a tantra-trained yoga teacher and an equine assisted therapist in the not-so-distant future.

Here, on her blog, she is a pleasure pursuer and educator, exploring what it means to be human. Her passions and pursuits center on sexuality and innate human emotionality, on well-being and the psyche. On women's empowerment, pleasure, and sexual liberation. As well as the magic of sex, of tantra, kink, erotic energy, and the realms of pleasure and play.
She has a bachelor of science majoring in Psychology from the University of Western Australia, and a masters degree in Sexology from Curtin University.
She has explored her own human sexuality from a young age, with an interest in love and lust starting from her childhood. She naturally explored human behaviour and emotions through psychology after finishing high school, and dove head first when the stars aligned and she discovered sexology. 
She has her more professional sexology entity over on her instagram, but this blog here is for her deeper, sometimes darker thoughts. A diary for her to get lost in. She is a pleasure pursuer at heart, and this is her space to share the stories of her pursuits, to educate and annunciate on all that she learns and uncovers about herself. About sex, love, and life. 

She is a sexual and intellectual being. A human. A believer in the spiritual and the scientific, the magic and mundane. For the last 4 or so years, she has been devotedly single, and has explored what this world has to offer. She has travelled to Europe for 3 months, got lost in cities far away from here, and has explored  what her own sacredness and sexuality means to her. She has done courses, and workshops, and classes. She has done bodywork, breathwork, meditation, and reiki, but she has learnt throughout it all, that magic is in the moment.
And though she will forever be learning and understanding and  philosophising (she is a Sagittarius after all), it is high time she did some speaking again. So welcome to the art gallery that is her life, a psychological understanding of what it means to be Chelsea, a look into the work that she does, through her own exploration and embodiment of all the she knows and learns, all of the joys and the heartaches, the spectrum of experiences that humans are afforded.
A space where the two dominant entities of her existence can coincide. The masculine energy, the scientific, the intellectual being who theorises and conceptualises and understands the world around her based on knowledge and fact. And the spiritual who is wholly feeling, and emotional, she is wild and wonderful and sexual, she is innately and instinctually animal, who doesn't think, she simply knows, and just unravels in her humanness. Because being human in this world can be hard. But it can be magic.
And though this space is created for women, by a woman; men, you are welcome here too. But this world is often structured on capitalism and patriarchy, and this diary aims to challenge that, to dismantle and deconstruct what it means to be a woman, to be human and to be sexual. To instead see the magic, and the power in all pleasure. 

A place to find religion and church within yourself. Not as some external entity, but you. To unlearn what society has told you about what it means to be human, and what it means to be sexual. To reclaim  the euphoria that lays between your thighs. For all of us.
To teach a sex education that doesn't shame our young people for their sexuality, and instead encourages an understanding and exploration of it. "The possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences" as the World Health Organisation states as a basic human right. 

Because this world has lost some of its magic, lost some of its humanness. It has began shaming us for simply being human. For sex, food, wine, weed, womanhood, and ways of living. For ethnicity, gender diversity, disability, and neurodiversity. But there is a world all the more holy than this. A world where people are treated as people first.

And if that has to start here, then so be it. 

And if any of this makes sense to you, if it sings to you and rings true for you, then welcome. All of you is welcome here.
Welcome to Cliterally. 

to stumble upon a diary... turn the pages if you dare 
to read the story about a sassy Cinderelly who longs to meet her bad boy prince charming... 
and who barefoot wanders through fields... where pixies play in orgies, and unicorns nibble on magic mushrooms...
wait.. what the f*ck kind of fairytale is this?!

. . . mine bitches  (◠‿◕✿)

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 welcome to                                   xxx
so follow the path into the woods...



The online diary of a girl dedicated to understanding sex, love and relationships, herself and other human experiences. 

An exploration of the psychology and philosophy that is intricately intertwined with self and sexuality.  


A different type of therapy aimed at unraveling the mind, body and soul that makes up you, a holistic view through the combination of scientific and spiritualistic.

Workshops and courses designed to help you unpack and understand your own idea of sex and self. To connect, to make your own bigger meaning, your own expression, your own invitation to take up space in this world, to create your own magic.



And all of this is created with the intent to create a harem of wild-eyed bad bitches (female-identifying or not) wholly devoted unto themselves, and to their pleasure (sexually-inclined or not).


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